Monday, November 17, 2008

Denny at the Florida Horse Park

We had a great time entertaining the crowds at the Florida Horse Park's "Mane Event" Saturday. Our apprentice trainer/performer Stephanie Cons and I performed trick and liberty horses, sidesaddle, and roman riding. There was a mounted archery group there as well, with demos between our acts. It was a great day with several thousand people on the grounds. We had spent the previous day signing pictures for our sponsors at the Central Florida Horse Expo, but unfortunately, did not have the crowds that we did at the FHP. The Park is a great venue for horse events and expos and has a very talented staff of horse people who are always ready to help. We fly out to Amarillo tomorrow to work on the announcing/color commentary staff of the CMSA for the World Championships. It's the first time in Amarillo, after moving from Las Vegas - so we're looking forward to seeing all of our old friends competing in a new venue. I'll be competing in the Florida State Championships for SASS Mounted Shooting the last weekend of the month so stay tuned for results and updates on our travels! Happy Trails from

Friday, November 14, 2008

Central FL Horse Expo/Florida Horse Park Appearances

We finished a full day of signing autographs while representing our sponsors at the Central Florida Horse Expo today. Above is a picture of me and my friend, Jon Wearly who doubles as "Maximus Wreckimus" in the great chariot race of Arabian Nights. Tomorrow, we'll be providing entertainment at the Florida Horse Park's "Mane Event", then getting ready to fly out to Amarillo TX Tuesday for the CMSA World Championships. Busy, busy, busy...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Denny Chapman wins Division Title at Florida Cowboy Mounted Shooting State Championships!

Denny won his division title at the Florida Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association State Championships while representing his sponsors, SUNCOAST BEDDING and MANE N TAIL this weekend in Marianna Fl (pics coming soon). A nationally recognized figure in Mounted Shooting, Denny won the title of SASS Eastern United States Mounted Shooting Champion earlier this year and will be adding color commentary while on the announcing staff of the Cowboy Mounted Shooting World Champinships in Amarillo TX later this month! Denny provides mounted shooting lessons, clinics and horse training at his facility in Ocala FL.