Monday, December 14, 2009

Denny Chapman in Suncoast Bedding Ad!

Here's an advertisement that will be published in several horse magazines in January! This photo was taken by Cathy Denton at the SASS Florida State Championships where I won the Mounted Rifle Shooting and Open Extreme Mounted Shooting titles this year. Cindy Greene is in the photo with me - she won a free bag of Suncoast as a prize giveaway at the event!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Denny Chapman at Dinner in the Dirt

Thanks to Teri from Horses in the South for this great picture from the Weekend for Warriors "Dinner in the Dirt" event last weekend. We performed the "Suncoast Surfin' Cowboy" specialty act, sang the National Anthem to open the show with the Navy color guard and produced a wild west mounted shooting act to end the show. We had a great time at the show, which benefitted a great cause. A big thank you to Suncoast Bedding for making it possible for us to be there!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Denny Chapman at the Spacecoast State Fair Rodeo

Thanks to GD Cline for taking this photo of me in the announce tower after the Spacecoast State Fair Rodeo last night. We emcee'd the two-day event in Cocoa FL and are looking forward to another busy couple of weeks. Next weekend, we're performing at the Dinner in the Dirt event in Jacksonville FL, then announcing the Gulf Coast Classic CMSA event in Louisiana. We've got two parades in December, trick riding clinics, mounted shooting, liberty and trick horse training for clients this winter, and more appearances than ever in 2010! Check out the sponsor logos on my shirt - they keep my horses healthy and looking good!
Happy Trails!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Denny Chapman at the Spacecoast State Fair!

Denny Chapman has been chosen to be the voice of the "Spacecoast State Fair Rodeo Show", produced by the Rockin' L Ranch, Cocoa FL, Nov 7 and 9th. He will emcee the program with performances such as Drill Teams, Barrel Racing, Team Penning and Cowboy Mounted Shooting. "I'm pleased to be of service to the Fair and the Rockin' L Ranch," Denny said, "It's a great venue to showcase equestrian events and promote my sponsors." Denny will be representing Suncoast Bedding, Mane N Tail products, Impact Gel Saddle Pads, Taylor's & Co Firearms and Rod Kibler Custom Leather while on the road.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2009 CMSA World Championships

Denny Chapman and Deke Rivers spent a week in Amarillo TX at the 2009 CMSA World Championships. Denny was on the announcing/color commentary staff and Deke provided entertainment courtesy of Taylor's & Co Firearms. Below are a few pictures from the trip including Denny emcee'ing the CMSA Horse Hall of Fame induction with Jim Rogers, CMSA Chairman, and Phil Spangenburger, BOD member. Below are also pics of Deke with multiple World and National Champ Annie Bianco-Ellet, Sue Hawkins, Chairman of Taylor's & Co, as well as champion mounted shooter Kathy Hollman of New Mexico - also sponsored by Taylors. Congrats to Steve Wilson, the Taylor's 2009 Rifle World Champion. He received a trophy Winchester '73 reproduction rifle donated by Taylor's.

Denny will be announcing at the Spacecoast State Fair next week, then a live performance for Dinner in the Dirt, followed by a trip to LA for the CMSA Double Down event. Deke will also performing on stage for the 2010 Shot Show in Las Vegas in January!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Denny Chapman at Gander Mountain!

Denny's mounted shooting firearms sponsor, Taylor's & Co, sent him to Gander Mountain in Ocala FL to make an appearance for their "re-grand opening" today. The shoppers were suprised to see one of Denny's horses, "Spanky", greeting them right in the front lobby! "The Pistolero", Deke Rivers, also entertained the crowd with his fancy gun handling and whip artistry. Denny will be at the Amarillo National Center, Amarillo TX, Tuesday through Saturday, providing announcing, color commentary and hosting video interviews during the Cowboy Mounted Shooting World Championships.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Denny Chapman at the CMSA World Championships!

Denny will be serving on the announcing/color commentary staff of the CMSA World Championships in Amarillo TX October 20-24. In addition, he'll be hosting video interviews for Western Shooting Horse TV. This weekend (Saturday, October 17), Denny will be making an appearance with his well-known shooting and performance horse "Spanky", along with "The Pistolero" Deke Rivers at Gander Mountain in Ocala FL. Go to for a complete listing of Denny's events.
Happy Trails!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Denny Chapman interviewed on "Stable Scoop" radio show

Denny was recently interviewed on the Horse Radio Network's "Stable Scoop" show! Here's a link to the program (Denny's interview begins around the middle of the show)"
Thanks Glenn and Helena for having Denny on the "World's Top Equine Entertainers" segment!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Roman Riding Team!

This is Stephanie Cons, our assistant trainer/performer, on the new Arabian Roman Riding team. "Klassy" and "Kav" were given to us by our friend, Jim Hall, a mounted shooter and retired chariot racer in Michigan. The boys had been a racing chariot team and Michigan State University's mascots for several years. They are settling in well and Stephanie is putting them through the paces as a roman team, with the instruction of Mary Rivers and I. At this rate, they will soon be ready for public performances! Thanks, Jim! - and keep up the good work, Stephanie!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Denny featured in full page Suncoast magazine ad

Denny was recently featured in a full-page Suncoast Bedding magazine ad on the inside cover of Horse and Pony News. Click here to view!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Denny spent the past week calling the shots at the CMSA Eastern US Championships in Murfreesboro TN. The event, featuring some 230 of the best mounted shooting competitors in the Eastern part of the country, took place in the Tennessee Miller Coliseum complex. Denny will be announcing the CMSA World Championships in Amarillo TX next month, as well as competing in the Florida CMSA State Championships. Denny's complete schedule is online at

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Denny promotes Suncoast Bedding at Canterbury Showplace

Denny hosted the "Suncoast Shootout" - a SASS mounted shooting event - at the Canterbury Showplace in Newberry FL yesterday. "Mounted Shooting has been a big part of my business and personal life, and this was a great opportunity to introduce competitors and spectators to a great product," Chapman said, "We provided Suncoast Bedding product awards to all class winners and had a great turnout." Check out for Denny's complete schedule.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Denny Chapman wins multiple awards at CMSA event

Denny won the mounted rifle shooting event and the pro-class pistol jackpot at the CMSA (Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association) competition August 8 in New Smyrna Beach FL. Denny was shooting a Taylor's & Co model '66 carbine - "It's a real treat to be able to use good equipment at these competitions," Chapman said, "Taylor's has the best mounted shooting firearms available today." Denny also represented Suncoast Bedding, Mane N Tail products, Impact Gel saddle pads, Deke Rivers Gunsmithing and Rod Kibler Saddlery at the event. "I've got so many great sponsors helping to keep me on the road and in the spotlight," Denny said, "Each one is the best in their field and I'm proud to endorse them here this weekend." Go to to learn more about Denny's sponsors and see his complete schedule.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Denny Chapman and Taylor's Firearms

Taylor's & Company officially announced that they will be offering a new model mounted shooting pistol - the "Runnin' Iron" - inspired by Denny Chapman. We are really excited about this pistol, which is the lightest, most efficient mounted shooting gun available today. The .45 LC pistol is offered in Stainless or Blued, two choices of grips, and barrel sizes of 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 inches. The "Runnin' Iron" features a low, wide hammer spur, wide trigger, reduced-power spring kit, and extra clearance at front and rear of cylinder for proper function using black powder blanks. The "Runnin' Iron" is scheduled to be available by the end of September this year. Denny uses and endorses Taylor's guns in his mounted shooting competition, training and clinics.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Denny hosts promotional video for Taylor's & Company Firearms

We just finished a promotional video called "Taylor's Tip of the Week" for Taylor's "Stallion" pistol - check out the video below from Western Shooting Horse:

Denny Chapman - mounted shooting horse for sale

Check out the link below to see a horse I've been working on for a client - he'll make a nice mounted shooting horse!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Denny Chapman Wins Mounted Shooting Competition

Denny won the title of Overall Champion Cowboy at a SASS Mounted Shooting competition July 25 in Ocala FL. The match, featuring 40 competitors from the Central Florida area, was held at the Southeastern Livestock Pavilion. "I was proud to represent my sponsors while winning this competition, "Chapman said, "My Taylor's single action pistols functioned flawlessly, using a great new gun rig from Rod Kibler Saddlery with my saddle sitting on an Impact Gel saddle pad. Combine this with Suncoast Bedding and Mane N Tail products, and I've got a great group of sponsors!" Denny will be competing again Aug 8 in at a CMSA match in New Smyrna Beach, FL, in August and announcing at the CMSA Eastern Championships in TN in September. "Mounted Shooting is a big part of my life and business, " Denny said, "Between competing, announcing, and training horses and competitors for the sport, it accounts for more than 50% of my business." Learn more about Denny's upcoming schedule at

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Denny Chapman in Suncoast Bedding ad!

Click on page 5 of for a great Suncoast Bedding ad with an insert video of our "Suncoast Surfin' Cowboy" specialty act, my dog CiCi relaxing with a bag of Suncoast, as well as singer/songwriter Templeton Thompson and her horse, Jane. We'll be representing Suncoast this weekend at a Single Action Shooting Society mounted shooting competition in Ocala!

Happy Trails,

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Denny Chapman's "Point of View" - new video project

The first in a series of p.o.v. videos of Mounted Shooting, Trick Riding, Roman Riding, Fire Jumping and other cool equine activities!

Here's a link to a follow-up training video with "Forrest" taken a few days later:


Happy Trails,


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Denny Chapman - mounted shooting with Taylor's Firearms and Rod Kibler Saddlery

Here are some shots of my Taylor's mounted shooting pistols nestled in my new custom mounted shooting gun rig by Rod Kibler. Rod has years of experience with both CAS as well as CMSA and SASS Mounted Shooting, and it sure shows in his craftsmanship and quality. This custom rig has turned-out rawhide lips to help funnel the gun when executing a fast gun change, sight locks for added security, and beautiful tooling and spots for the buckaroo look I favor. I use a Kibler rifle scabbard as well for mounted rifle shooting competition. I'm proud to support Kibler Saddlery ( and recommend Rod's work to anyone looking for the best quality ground and mounted shooting equipment and Taylor's & Company Firearms ( - Keeping the Legend Alive!

Happy Trails,

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Denny Chapman's Wild West Entertainment - news clips

I've had so many news clips on my main website (, that I've copied them here to make more room...I'll more from time to time.

Recent News:
6/09 - Denny just returned from the historic Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma, where he was contracted to announce the CMSA Behlen classic and conduct TV interviews for Western Shooting Horse Magazine's internet/television program. The television footage will be posted at Additional photos and video links will be posted at
6/09 - Denny wins mounted rifle shooting competition in Florida CMSA match. Denny featured in an online magazine video commercial: - see page 14!
5/09 - Denny featured in May/June issue of Western Shooting Horse Magazine
4/09 - Denny featured in interview on from the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association National Championships in Tunica MS. Air date was April 22.
4/09 - Denny to produce and host mounted shooting event at Central Florida Fair! More info at
3/09 - Denny won the Mounted Rifle Shooting division, the Extreme Mounted Shooting division, and was overall high point Champion Cowboy at a SASS Mounted Shooting competition in Williston FL Sunday, March 28. Part of the proceeds of the event, sanctioned by the Single Action Shooting Society, benefitted Cancer research. "I'm proud to have performed so well at an event with such a good cause," Chapman said, "My sponsors have been very supportive of me and I'm happy to have represented them while winning this competition." Denny shot the match with guns provided by Taylor's & Company. He is also sponsored by Suncoast Bedding, Mane N Tail products and Impact Gel Saddle Pads. "I've got the best names in the mounted shooting and horse industry behind me," Chapman said, "It's hard to go wrong with quality products that are designed for success." More pics and info at
3/09 - Denny wins rifle class, open pro class and reserve overall at CMSA competition in New Smyrna Beach FL! More info and pics at
3/09 - Denny was chosen by the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association ( to serve on the announce staff and provide color commentary at the following major events in 2009:
National Championships - Tunica MS
Midwest Classic - Cloverdale IN
Behlen Classic - Guthrie OK
Eastern US Championships - Murphreesboro TN
World Championships - Amarillo TX
Cowboy Mounted Shooting is the fastest growing equestrian sport in the United States. Denny is a recognized mounted shooting competitor, horse trainer and clinician, and holds the title of Eastern United States Mounted Shooting Champion for SASS Mounted Shooting.
2/09 - Denny Chapman chosen to announce the CMSA Atlantic Classic - More info at:
2/09 - Denny Chapman chosen to announce the Western Shooting Horse Lajitas Classic. More info at:
1/09 - Denny Chapman earns Reserve Mounted Rifle Champ title at CMSA SE Regional Championships
1/09 - Impact Gel Saddle Pads joins Denny's growing sponsorship list.
1/09 - Denny joins Taylor's & Co Firearms pro-staff. He'll be using Talyor's new "Smokewagon" model - a 2nd gen. Colt reproduction from Uberti tuned and customized by Cody Conagher in the Taylor's Custom Shop! He'll also be using Taylor's '66 and '73 in mounted rifle competition and wild west shows! Check out - Keeping the West Alive!
12/08 - Denny's Wild West Entertainment - featured equine unit at the 2008 Ocala Christmas Parade - see video:
12/08 - Denny was the top lever action rifle shooter at the Florida State SASS Mounted Shooting Championships held in Williston FL over the weekend. Denny's WILD WEST ENTERTAINMENT company also provided entertainment for the Florida Thoroughbred Farm Manager's Stallion Showcase Awards Dinner at the Ocala Hilton Nov 29. "The Pistolero," Deke Rivers, and trick roper Shane Kuehn joined Denny to present a 30-minute show with cowboy music, gunspinning, whip cracking and trick roping. Denny and his trick riding students and performers will be in the Ocala Christmas Parade Dec 6, and will be the featured horse group this year, replacing the Budweiser Clydesdales!
11/08 - Denny Chapman wins division 4 title at Florida Cowboy Mounted Shooting State Championships! Pics and details coming soon to
10/08 - Denny Chapman to produce Wild West Show for Head & Heel Ranch in Brooksville FL! Featuring Roman Riding, Trick Riding, Trick Horses, Whip Artistry, Quick-Draw and Fancy Gun Handling (Featuring "The Pistolero", Deke Rivers) Mounted Shooting and Cowboy Music.***Pics from this show are now online at!
9/08 - Denny Chapman chosen as feature entertainment for the Southern Shootout Barrel Racing event in Jacksonville FL Sept 21!
8/08 - Denny wins the men's #4 Division at the Peach State Cowboy Mounted Shooting event while representing his sponsors at the Chicopee Woods Agricultural Center in Gainesville GA August 2!
7/08 - Denny wins the Pro Class, Rifle Class and Team Jackpot (with one of his 13yo students, Mandy Cook!) while representing his sponsors Suncoast Bedding and Mane N Tail products at the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association match in New Smyrna Beach July 11-13! Here's a video of Denny's winning Mounted Rifle Shooting run...

More details and pics at
6/08 - Suncoast Bedding joins Denny's sponsor list. They'll be promoting Denny's entertainment and mounted shooting endeavors. "I'm proud to stand behind a product I use and believe in," Denny said, "Suncoast Bedding is always my first choice at home and on the road."
5/08 - Wild West Entertainment featured on Florida Fox Networks and Webcast. Check out the "Ocala Horse Show" at the following link -
5/08 - Denny schedules two-week tour in Central Kentucky area May 29-June 8. Events include performances for the Council of State Goverment's National Convention in Lexington, The Blugrass Cup Polo Tournament, the University of Kentucky's Spindletop Hall, the Lexington Horsemen Professional Arena Football Team, Curtiswood Farm's "That's Entertainment" and a Cowboy Mounted Shooting Clinic!
5/08 - Denny chosen to emcee the CMSA Classic at the Circle G Arena in Lewisburg OH May 8-11.
4/08 - Denny contracted as Headline Entertainer for Holiday with Horses, a musical equine program of performances to benefit the Marion Therapeutic Riding Association.
4/08 - Denny to appear in new Mane N Tail commercials. Shooting in Aiken SC in late April.
3/08 - Denny wins the Pro-Class jackpots and the Mounted Rifle Shooting at the Bike Week Blowout CMSA match March 8-9 in New Smyrna Beach FL!
2/08 - Denny named Eastern United States National SASS Mounted Shooting Champion. Go to for more info!
2/08 - Straight Arrow's Mane N Tail company signs on again for 2008. Denny uses and endorses Mane N Tail products and can be seen in their tv commercials on RFD-TV. We'll be shooting new Mane N Tail commercials in April.
12/07 - Denny invited back to ASPIRE's Dances with Horses at the National Cattle Congress in Waterloo IA as feature entertainer for '08! (Above: pics of Denny's "Surfin' Cowboy" act seen at this year's event)
12/07 - Denny named to Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association announcing staff for '08 . 6 major CMSA events, including 2 "Classic" events in Lewisburg OH and Guthrie OK; as well as the Eastern U.S. Championships in Murphysboro TN, the Western U.S. Championships in Nampa ID, the National Championships in Tunica MS, and the World Championships in Amarillo TX.
12/07 - Denny wins title of "Reserve Champion" at SASS Florida Mounted Shooting Championships
11/07 - Denny contracted to announce the 2007 Cowboy Mounted Shooting World Championships in Las Vegas Nov 16-18.
10/07 - Denny chosen as feature entertainer for Florida's 2008 "EQUIFEST".
9/07 - Denny serves as feature entertainer at "Dances With Horses" 2007, a benefit performance at the National Cattle Congress, Waterloo IA, with Lynn Palm and Monty Bruce.
8/07 - Denny welcomes Stephanie Cons to the Wild West Entertainment team. Stephanie is a member of the famed Canadian Cowgirls Precision Drill Team will be featured in several upcoming appearances, including the Central Florida State Fair in April. Look for Stephanie to display her talents in the form of Trick Riding, Mounted Trick Shooting and more!
5/07 - Denny has been chosen to be on the official announcing staff of the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association for the 2007 Eastern United States Championships in Murphysboro TN, the Western United States Championships in Guthrie OK and the World Championships in Las Vegas.
4/07 - Denny was feature equine entertainer at the Central Florida Fair in Orlando. Fair staff were quoted as saying Denny's specialty acts and clinics were the biggest draw of the Fair, including celebrity book signings and appearances by Henry Winkler and Gary Coleman! He was immediately booked for next year's fair with added performances!
3/07 - Denny Chapman to appear in Mane N Tail commercials! Filming in Aiken SC area late March for a television commercial segment to be aired on RFD-TV's "" tv show in May.
3/07 - Denny Chapman wins the mounted rifle division at the Panhandle Peacemakers' Double Points Cowboy Mounted Shooting competition in Marianna FL, March 10, 2007! See pics at
10/06 - Denny was recently featured on RFDtv's "HorseCity.ComTV" television show (past the following link into your browser to view clip: He was also recently featured in "Quarter Horses" magazine - a new publication by the publishers of "Horse Illustrated." Denny was also in the following recent publications and television shows:
Spring, Summer '08 "Hoofbeats" Magazine (regular feature article)
Winter '07 "Hoofbeats" Magazine
Winter '07 "Horse Capital Digest."
Fall '07 "Horse and Pony" Magazine
Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter '07 RFD-TV/HorseCity.ComTV - Mane N Tail commercials
Summer '07 "Tonto Rim Times" (cover photo)
Spring '07 "" webmagazine
Fall '06 issue of "Discover Horses" magazine
September '06 issue of AQHA's "America's Horse" magazine
May '05 issue of "Horse Illustrated" magazine
July '05 "Western Horsemen" magazine
Sept '05 AQHA's "America's Horse" tv show
Following is an excerpt from USEF press release:
November 2, 2006 Beautiful Music and Breathtaking Horses to Take Center Stage By Lori Blanchard Melancon
"Beautiful Music and Breathtaking Horses" take center stage in the The Symphony of Horses 2006. The Marion Therapeutic Riding Association (MTRA) is producing its third amazing evening of world-class horses and riders performing to the Central Florida Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Dr. Susan Robinson. The production of 2002 and 2004 thrilled sold-out crowds to the benefit of the non-profit therapeutic horseback riding program. The performers are a list of the who’s who in the horse world and entertainment world. “They just step up to the plate and volunteer to be there for us,” said Kenyon. The 2006 list includes Chester Weber, Pat Parelli, Misdee Wrigley, The Arabian Nights’ Black Stallion, Medieval Times, Eitan Beth-Halachmy’s Cowboy Dressage and Denny Chapman’s Wild West Show. Plus Carson Kressley, nationally ranked competitive equestrian, star of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and author of the children’s book You’re Different and That’s Super.

Denny Chapman and Suncoast Bedding

Denny Chapman announced Tuesday that he will continue to endorse Suncoast Bedding ( "This is the best horse and pet bedding product available in the country," Chapman said, "I'm proud to be associated with an animal product that I use and believe in." Suncoast has listed Denny as a Marketing Partner, along with Chris Cox and Templeton Thompson.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sidesaddle Clinic at Wild West Entertainment

Mary and Stephanie conducted a sidesaddle clinic today for Leah, Kate and Sarah from the Jacksonville FL area. The girls learned the basics of sidesaddle horsemanship and equitation, and took their lessons on our well-known horses Dusty, Spanky and Imke. I'm a certified sidesaddle instructor as well, and stepped in at the end to have some fun with Sarah and Dusty to make some photographic memories...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Denny Chapman wins another Mounted Rifle Shooting Competition

Denny won the SASS Mounted Rifle Shooting competition at the Southeastern Livestock Pavilion in Ocala, FL, yesterday. A national mounted shooting champion, Chapman is a national spokeperson for Taylor's & Company firearms. "I'm very fortunate to be able to compete in mounted shooting events with the best equipment available," Chapman said, "My Taylor's '66 Carbine is perfect for mounted shooting and, combined with my Kibler scabbard, has helped me win several rifle championships." See the following link:

Denny will be representing Taylor's, as well as his other sponsors, Suncoast Bedding, Mane N Tail products, Kibler's Saddlery and Impact Gel Saddle Pads at a Florida Cowboy Mounted Shooting event next weekend. Learn more about Denny's events and sponsors at

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Drill Team Clinic with Wild West Entertainment's Stephanie Cons

Wild West Entertainment's assistant trainer/performer Stephanie Cons conducted a drill team clinic in the Cocoa Beach, FL, area June 18. Stephanie, a native of Ontario, Canada, spent several years traveling with the renowned Canadian Cowgirls Drill Team and has been training and performing with Denny Chapman's Wild West Entertainment for the past three years. "Stephanie has not only been an outstanding student," Denny said, "She has become a very talented trainer and performer." Denny has begun sending Stephanie out as an official representative of his Wild West Entertainment company. "Stephanie has become a multi-talented entertainer," Chapman said. "She can trick ride, roman ride, work dancing horses, trick horses - you name it. She is also learning the lost arts of trick horse and high-school horse training. Stephanie is just an outstanding young lady and will be a name to remember in the world of equine entertainment," Denny said.

Monday, June 15, 2009

We just returned from the historic Lazy E Arena in Guthrie Oklahoma, where we were contracted to announce the CMSA Behlen classic and conduct TV interviews for Western Shooting Horse Magazine's internet/television program - we'll have some pictures and video from this event soon . Next weekend, we'll be representing our sponsors at a SASS Mounted Shooting competition, then we're hosting a Mounted Shooting Boot Camp prior to competing in a Florida CMSA competition the following weekend. Check out our website for appearance updates!

Happy Trails,

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Denny Chapman featured in Online TV commercial

Check out HorseLinkMagazine at the link below to have a look at one of our Mane N Tail TV commercials posted in this online magazine (go to page 14 after magazine loads):
We have several commercials airing on RFD-TV. Next week, I'll be taping some interviews from the CMSA Behlen Classic as the on-air host for Western Shooting Horse TV, which can be seen online at! The event will be held at the famous Lazy E Arena in Guthrie OK, where I'll also be serving as the feature announcer and providing color commentary for the televised event.
Happy Trails!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Denny Chapman - Trick Horse Training

Here's a couple of pictures of "Blackjack" - one of our new horses. He's a 5 yo APHA stallion with a great personality. Enjoy!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Denny Chapman - CMSA and Western Shooting Horse Magazine

Denny Chapman was the host emcee of the Midwest Classic CMSA Championships last weekend in Cloverdale IN. The event, featuring some 100 mounted shooting competitors, took place in the Crossroads Arena about 40 miles east of Indianapolis. One of his students, Jerry Jacobs, won his class using his Taylor's Smokewagon Deluxe's. Taylor's & Co Firearms is Denny's mounted shooting gun sponsor. "I sure was proud of Jerry last weekend," Denny said, "He did us proud with his Taylor's and shot like a pro." Jerry spent a significant amount of time training with Denny last Fall and Winter - looks like it paid off with Jerry walking away from the championships with a nice paycheck and Montana Silversmiths trophy buckle!

Here's a link to an article about me in Western Shooting Horse:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Denny Chapman featured in ad with Chris Cox

My major sponsor, Suncoast Bedding, has taken out a centerfold ad in several Southeastern horse magazines featuring me and Chris Cox, another Suncoast pro-staffer. The ad will appear in the May issues of Hoofbeats, Southern Horse connection, and Everything-equine. We'll try to post it on this blog when it comes out!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Denny Chapman featured in Western Shooting Horse Magazine

We just found out there's an article on us in the May/June issue of Western Shooting Horse Magazine ( Developed by Ken Amorasono, WSH is the only magazine dedicated to mounted shooting sports and has taken off like wildfire. Denny serves as host of WSH television and can be seen conducting interviews from major mounted shooting matches online on their website. Next weekend, Denny will be at the CMSA's Midwest Classic serving as emcee for the event in Cloverdale IN. Check out for more info.
Happy Trails,

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Denny Chapman at the Central Florida Fair

We had a great time performing at the Central Florida Fair for the 3rd year in a row! In addition to our equine enterainment acts, including the "Suncoast Surfin Cowboy" ( we also produced the Taylor's "Smokewagon Shootout" - a professional mounted shooting competition featuring the best Florida mounted shooters competing in front of a sell-out crowd ( ). Here are a few pictures taken during a busy, but fun, weekend at one of the best large fairs in the Southeastern United States!