Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Denny Chapman - mounted shooting with Taylor's Firearms and Rod Kibler Saddlery

Here are some shots of my Taylor's mounted shooting pistols nestled in my new custom mounted shooting gun rig by Rod Kibler. Rod has years of experience with both CAS as well as CMSA and SASS Mounted Shooting, and it sure shows in his craftsmanship and quality. This custom rig has turned-out rawhide lips to help funnel the gun when executing a fast gun change, sight locks for added security, and beautiful tooling and spots for the buckaroo look I favor. I use a Kibler rifle scabbard as well for mounted rifle shooting competition. I'm proud to support Kibler Saddlery ( and recommend Rod's work to anyone looking for the best quality ground and mounted shooting equipment and Taylor's & Company Firearms ( - Keeping the Legend Alive!

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