Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kentucky Tour Update...

Well, we've fulfilled 2 of the 6 appearances we've contracted for so far in Central Kentucky. Thursday night we entertained government leaders from all 50 states at the Council of State Governments National Convention at the Marriott Hotel and Convention Center in Lexington. Tonight, we performed for the Lexington Horsemen Arena Football League Team, opening the pre-game show with "Spanky" - the original horse mascot of the team when they began several years ago and providing a half-time mounted whip cracking and shooting performance. Team staffers said there were between 5000-6000 attending the game, which took place in the famous Rupp Arena. I've included a couple of backstage pics with this blog entry and will have more pics and video to come! Tomorrow we perform our popular "Surfin' Cowboy" specialty act the Lexington Polo Club's Bluegrass Cup Tournament on the Man o' War Polo Field at the Kentucky Horse Park. Next weekend, we will perform for University of Kentucky Alumni and their families at Spindletop Hall, then a special appearance at Curiswood Farm in Georgetown, and finishing our tour with a Cowboy Mounted Shooting clinic at Bittersweet Farm in Lexington. Stay tuned to for updated schedules!

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