Saturday, March 21, 2009

Denny Chapman performs for City League International Show Jumpers!

Denny promoted his sponsors Mane N Tail and Suncoast Bedding while performing for the City League International Show Jumpers in Ocala earlier this evening. He provided a horseback rendition of the National Anthem, A mounted shooting act and his popular "Surfin' Cowboy" specialty act as well. A special thanks to Candy McCrary, Gary and Poppie Moe and their friend, Megan for helping us out tonight. Vic and Rebecca treated us very well and understand the behind-the-scenes needs of a specialty act performer - what a great event! Next Saturday, we compete in a mounted shooting match along with some of our students in Williston FL. Check out our website for event updates.
Happy Trails,

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Mike said...

Awesome pics! A good sampling of your talent and versatility! Happy Trails and best wishes for your continued success.