Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trick Riding Clinic with Mary Rivers and Stephanie Cons at Denny Chapman's Wild West Entertainment

Above are some updated pics from yesterday's photo session! That's Stephanie in the light green top, Keanna in the blue, Katie in Red, and Brianna in pink. Keanna has been riding with us for awhile, and has performed in our Wild West Show last year. Brianna and Katie have had only 4 days of instruction and are doing remarkably well as you can see from the pics!

Here are some pictures of our trick riding clinic students, Brianna, Katie and Keanna, with head Trick Riding Instructor Mary Rivers, and Assistant Trainer Stephanie Cons. The girls are working hard and discovering new muscles! We offer trick riding clinics throughout the year, as well as Mounted Shooting , Side Saddle, Liberty and Trick Horse Training and other specialty equine disciplines. Private lessons are also available - you can contact us through http://www.dennychapman.com/

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Katie Williams said...

I have been having such a great time coming and riding with you guys. Mary and Stephanie, you are great teachers. see you Tomorrow =)