Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mounted Shooting - horse training videos with Denny Chapman

I've had countless requests of level 1/beginner mounted shooters to repost some videos of our mounted shooting horse training process. Here are five videos of me working with five different horses - from the first introduction to noise with bullwhips and our custom 1/4 - load training blanks, to galloping a shooting course with full-power competition loads. It is very important to keep your horse slow the first year, seasoning him right and letting him build confidence to go faster later without spooking or getting too "hot" as you gain the ability to shoot and run faster in higher levels. Shoot out to the sides, at the "3 o'clock" and "9 o'clock" positions or slightly behind the horse in the beginning. As a level 1 competitor, it's rarely necessary to go faster than an easy lope to be successful - and you're building an important foundation of confidence in your new mounted shooting horse that will pay off for years to come...

Desensitize them to the noise, building their confidence for a good foundation ("Gigi"):

Start them at the walk ("Jack"):

Work up to a trot ("Casey"):

Season your shooting horse easy and quiet at a lope ("Forrest"):

Step it up when the time is right ("Spanky"):

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