Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Top Shot, Mounted Shooting...

Wow - It's been a whirlwind since the first Top Shot episode aired...I've had countless radio, newspaper and magazine interviews, promo appearances and casting calls! The latest episode (#5) is coming up on July 11! Thanks for all the calls, e-mails and Facebook requests! I'm continuing our Mounted Shooting Horse Training Program, along with private ms shooting lessons/clinics and have another CMSA competition July 17-18. We won the mounted rifle shooting class at our last SASS Mounted Shooting Competition, and now will be shooting the new Taylor's Runnin' Comanchero rifle! This is the dedicated mounted shooting rifle Deke Rivers and I designed for Taylor's based on the '73 Winchester replica and it's AWESOME! Check out our complete promo, entertainment and competition schedule at www.DennyChapman.com and join our Facebook page for additional photos, video and information about our recent activities!
Happy Trails!

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