Saturday, November 3, 2007

Cowboy Mounted Shooting in Florida!

We had a great time at the Florida Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association State Championship match this weekend. Spanky performed well, helping us finish in the top 20 overall and 2nd in the mounted rifle competition. We spend so much time teaching CMSA skills and horsemanship, trick training and performing on the road, that we seldom have the time to compete - it brought back a lot of good memories...and gave me lots of ideas and material for future clinics and specialty acts. Here's a neat picture of Spanky and I during a wild west specialty act we were featured in during a polo tournament in KY a few years ago. He's such a great shooting horse - on the run and laying down! As a matter of fact, I've never had such a versatile horse...Spanky served as my USTRC and AQHA Dally Team Roping horse, competed successfully with me in AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse, Working Cow Horse and Foundation Quarter Horse Competitions, has been my trick riding horse and is now travels the country with me as half of my Roman Riding team and Fire Jumper, and my main Cowboy Mounted Shooting horse!

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