Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here's a clip from the Wild West Entertainment crew at the Williston FL Christmas Parade featuring Roman Rider Stephanie Cons; Trick Rider Keana Guerra, Deke Rivers performing Mounted Gunspinning; Mary Rivers Sidesaddle, and Cydney Lane with our Trick Mini "Flea"...
I was visiting family out-of-state during the parade and am very proud of my crew who rode right in front of an elephant carrying "Santa"!

We've been giving private mounted shooting lessons and clinics here in Ocala for the last two weeks - and we're gearing up to compete in a Cowboy Mounted Shooting competition in the Daytona FL area Saturday, then a "Surfin' Cowboy" specialty act performance for STRIDE Dressage Association's Annual Awards Banquet Sunday.

Happy New Year!

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